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If you decide to buy Caproate, more than likely you will have purchased the four ester testosterone mixture known as Omnadren; Caproate isnít Omnadren, itís merely a part. Of course, it is possible to buy Caproate in a pure single ester Testosterone-Caproate form; however, it is extremely unlikely. Testosterone-Caproate is not manufactured by a single compounding facility on earth, and only a few select underground labs have ever made it; if itís ever made, itís normally a special order for long time customers who are willing to pay for it. Thereís simply no demand for Testosterone-Caproate; thereís really no need when it would for all intense purposes be the same as Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate; as for Omnadren, thatís a different story.

Omnadren is a four ester testosterone mixture comprised of the two small esters and two relatively large; it is very similar to Sustanon-250. The only difference in Omnadren and Sustanon-250 is the Caproate ester; instead of the Caproate ester, Sustanon-250 carries the massive Decanoate ester. At any rate, if you decide to buy Omnadren, it will be the precise esters in the precise doses that define it; if other esters are in the compound this isnít Omnadren, and if the same esters are used but at different doses, once again this is not Omnadren. The precise composition should be as follows:

ē Testosterone-Propionate Ė 30mg
ē Testosterone-Phenylpropionate Ė 60mg
ē Testosterone-Isocaproate Ė 60mg
ē Testosterone-Caproate Ė 100mg

If you decide to buy Caproate based testosterone compound, Testosterone-Caproate or Omnadren you will be doing so on the black market; youíre not going to walk into your local RX and find either compound as you would more popular steroids. As this is the case, gym dealers and large internet suppliers are your options, and you will not find too many gym dealers that carry Omnadren, and you certainly wonít find one that carries Testosterone-Caproate; if he does heís probably lying to you. For this reason, large internet suppliers will be your best bet; numerous suppliers carry Omnadren, and often at a rate thatís a little more affordable than Sustanon-250.


For those who do decide to buy Caproate based testosterone, if you live in the United States you will be making such a purchase illegally, and should weigh the consequences thoroughly before you consider such a purchase. You will be violating a federal law, and some of the strictest anabolic steroid laws on earth, and the fallout due to such a violation can be horrific. Further, regardless of where you live, you should ensure you are in good health before you supplement with Testosterone-Caproate, Omnadren or any anabolic androgenic steroid, and this means youíre a healthy adult male who does not suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and enlarged prostate or any serious condition that might be damaging.