Omnadren (ester)

Caproate is a large ester that is sometimes attached to varying anabolic steroids, but the testosterone hormone is the only steroidal hormone you’ll find it attached to with any regularity. Pure Testosterone-Caproate is one of the rarest testosterone compounds on the market; there’s no compounding pharmacy that makes it, and there have only been a few underground labs who’ve ever manufactured the product. Of course, if you happen to find it, you will have in hand one very large ester based testosterone compound; just a little smaller than Testosterone-Cypionate or Testosterone-Enanthate. At any rate, as it pertains to the Caproate ester, where it will be found far more commonly is in the popular testosterone mixture Omnadren; a testosterone compound with four esters attached. Omnadren is testosterone compound with two small esters attached, Propionate and Phenylpropionate, a moderate sized ester in Isocaproate and then the large ester Caproate. For the vast majority of those who come across the Caproate ester, it will be as part of the total Omnadren compound.

Of course, the Caproate ester could be attached to other steroidal hormones, it could easily be attached to a Nandrolone compound or even a Trenbolone hormone, but there’s simply no need or benefit that would surpass what we already have, and so it’s never done. This tells us when we look at Caproate, the only thing we’re really concerned with is testosterone; the actual testosterone hormone. Through our discussion on, we’ll look at how this ester would affect the hormone if and when you find it attached as a single ester form, and we’ll also look at how it functions as part of the total Omnadren compound. Further, and this will be the most important part of the discussion, we’ll simply look at the testosterone hormone; after all, it’s the testosterone hormone that carries the actual benefits; Caproate is merely the ester.


Through our discussion, you will find this can be one tremendously beneficial steroidal compound regardless of it existing in a single ester or multi-ester form. You’ll find it can be used for all purposes of performance enhancement, covering every last category of supplementation. While it could be used in therapeutic treatment as well, we’re not going to delve into that at all; why, because the Caproate ester is not found in any testosterone compound that is used for such a purpose. In any case, we’ll look at all the benefits that stretch from mass and strength promotion, endurance and recovery and even the benefits such compounds can bring in the form of extreme metabolic enhancement. Yes, we’ll look at the negative side as well; Caproate ester based steroids will aromatize and they carry a handful of possible adverse side-effects, but all hope is not lost. We’ll show you the possible side-effects, what causes them and more importantly, what you can do about them to keep them away, and ensure a successful supplemental experience. In short, your questions will be answered, so let’s dive in.